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This is content about Project and Issue Tracking tools.

List of Project and Issue Tracking Tools

Note: This tools list is currently sourced from, and thus linked to, XebiaLabs. Much thanks to them for their valuable DevOps Toolchest.

Bugzilla Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System". Defect Tracking Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. Bugzilla can help you get a handle on the software development process. Successful projects often are the result of successful organization and communication. Bugzilla is a powerful tool that will help your team get organized and communicate effectively. Taiga is a project management platform for agile developers & designers and project managers who want a beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. Free. Open Source. Simple to use.
Redmine Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. It includes a gantt chart, calendar, wiki, forums, multiple roles, and email notification.
Mantis Bug Tracker Mantis Bug Tracker is a free and open source, web-based bug tracking system released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. The most common use of MantisBT is to track software defects. However, MantisBT is often configured by users to serve as a more generic issue tracking system and project management tool.
Trac Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Their mission is to help developers write great software while staying out of the way.
YouTrack Free, online, easy-to-use, fully customizable issue tracking and agile project management tool your development team will love, by JetBrains. Our cloud or your server.
Kanboard Kanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software. There is no fancy user interface, Kanboard focuses on simplicity and minimalism. The number of features is voluntarily limited. Kanboard has a very simple query language that offers the flexibility to find tasks in no time. Apply custom filters dynamically on the board to find what you need. Search by assignees, description, categories, due date, etc.
zipBoard zipBoard is an Issue Tracking Tool that allows stakeholders(clients, managers, teammates, etc.) to add feedback with annotations(no need to write lengthy descriptions), which can be converted into trackable tasks. These can be prioritized and assigned to team members so that tracking issues across the project is easier and faster. Teams can use zipBoard to gather feedback on images, HTML prototypes, PDFs and live websites. It combines the abilities of a visual feedback tool with that of a simple project management solution. Thus, making it easy for you to file and track issues.
Axosoft Software is making a real and positive difference in the world, and we want to participate in making the world a better place through better software. Axosoft as a company exists to help software developers and teams be more productive. We have been doing that since day one. Ever since the release of Axosoft V1.0 (then called OnTime) in 2002, our goal has been to help software developers ship software on time and on budget.

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