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This is content about DevOps Intelligence tools.

List of DevOps Intelligence Tools

Note: This tools list is currently sourced from, and thus linked to, XebiaLabs. Much thanks to them for their valuable DevOps Toolchest.

XL Impact The first goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution, XL Impact delivers integrated KPIs to show the health of your Continuous Delivery pipeline. It combines DevOps best practices with historical analysis, machine learning, and data from across your tool chain to show trends, predict outcomes, and recommend actions.
Densify Densify is a SaaS and machine learning based cloud optimization technology. Densify represents "Optimization as Code" due to integrations with the likes of Terraform to replace hard-coded resource requirements with a Densify variable that scientifically determines the true resource requirements - CI/CD/CO for "Continuous Optimization"

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