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Site Documentation

This site is designed with the following in mind:

  • Collaboratively edited and maintained

    As with all Wikis, this site should be written and maintained by volunteers, for the purposes of documenting information they may need or want to share.

  • Wiki-like, but with pull request-based changes.

    The layout of the site should mirror that of a Wiki, but changes are submitted as pull requests, rather than edited directly.

  • Hosted on Github Pages

    The hosting provider may change in the future.

  • Featured Blogs

    At first there will be a site-wide blog, but user blogs should also be supported in the future. The purpose is mainly for editorial or otherwise lengthy explanations of a topic that are not appropriate for Wiki content. Also, news about the Wiki.

  • Uses Jekyll to manage content

    Reliance on Liquid template language, to interface better with Jekyll.