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What is this website about?

This website is a free-form Wiki of all general knowledge involved in implementing DevOps.

Why did you create it?

Basically, I was sick of all the time and effort needed to learn about DevOps. Most of the information about it is spread out through random blog posts on the internet and a few books, and it can take a long time to collate, intone, and spread this information.

I wanted a place I could go that just had everything I needed to learn about DevOps as it evolves. Nothing like that seemed to exist, so I created this space to collect it all. My hope is that other people will help update this website over time, to prevent the information from getting stale.

So, what’s that going to look like?

Explanation of the core ideas, models for how to implement DevOps, how-to guides, overviews of technology, lessons learned from real organizations doing DevOps, links to articles and blog posts, sample code, etc.

Isn’t that kind of a big goal?

Yep! This will be a long-term project, and will require collaboration by many volunteers.

Is this website commercially supported?

Nope! The project is intended to be completely free and community-driven. No monetization schemes, no “premium” documentation or guides. Just free information, created by people that use it.

So the content is free?

Yes. Everything is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0, unless otherwise specified.

This doesn’t look like a wiki…

Yep, right now it’s just powered by GitHub repo and pages. If we need real Wiki software we can adopt it, but for now we’re going with the bare minimum requirements.

How can I contribute?

Fork us on GitHub and send us a pull request! Pretty much all content will be accepted, assuming it can be licensed properly. If you don’t want to use GitHub, send us a patch.

Why is the site called

Mostly it was just a short domain name, but DevOps does have things in common with Yoga.

Both their principles describe a kind of culture based on a set of values and goals. They have different definitions depending on whom you ask, and are often misunderstood through pop culture. They are both misunderstood in pop culture as a reduction of one facet of their ideas. And they are both require a unique journey. They may be more different than alike, but they both seek enrichment, improvement, and enlightenment, through a multifaceted practice.

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