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How to Use This Page

This is where we can keep & organize all the work to do on the site.

If you have a new issue, something you’re working on, feature request, bug, whatever, feel free to pop it in here. If you don’t know what category it should be in, put it in “Incoming”. If you have a really good feeling that your new item should be in a new category, add it. If you’re not sure, ask.

Anyone can grab any of these and start working on them. If you start work on something and it’ll take longer than a day to finish, just edit it with “WIP”, and maybe reference a PR or Issue if you have one. When you finish something, mark it off with an [x].

Categories of Work


  • Mock up some kind of Git pre/post-push hook to try a build before committing/pushing
  • Figure out what to do with Gemfile.lock


  • Add to the index page whatever the most recent Git commits to the project were, as a sort of “News” section. If nobody knows the site is being updated, it will seem stale/old/uninteresting.
  • Go through and find content which is not linked anywhere (./practices/monitoring_* ??)
  • Start importing and sorting through all the DevOps bookmarks I have
  • Get a site crawler to find broken links
  • Go through content and update unlinked [Bracketed] text, possibly automate
  • Start working on an “implementing devops” category/page thing
  • Write up the Chef DevOps Kungfu sections (,
  • Feature request: “Stories” section The idea would be to have a section where people can submit a “DevOps Story”. Some boilerplate would prompt the user to tell their story, such as: - When did you begin using DevOps methods? - What were you using before? - If you didn’t use DevOps methods before, what was the transition like? - What problems did you experience? - How did you solve them? - What tools did you use, and what did you use them for?

  • Add a major navigation entry to _data
  • Add some elements to pages to automatically link to the next major nav entry at top/bottom of pages
  • To implement: add front matter that declares previous/next page? Or look into how Jekyll handles it
  • Add major section navigation to right sidebar
  • Wrap more of sidebar with <nav> tags
  • Explicitly list all Wiki content below a major section in side-bar (so people know to find,, etc)
  • Add a border around sidebar nav stuff
  • Add a break-out/selectable nav menu with all content (loaded from _data ?)


  • Add a line-rule after page content’s <h1> heading (change CSS)
  • Add padding to description of tools
  • Fix toc.html to stop breaking on bad page indentation
  • Fix ‘’ Page Sections indentation
  • In ‘Page Sections’, add a line break after first <h1> category
  • Fix page section ordering (currently dots, want numbers)
  • Go through and find weird, corrupted characters in content, could be utf?